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A very long time ago a travelling salesman came upon a quaint little town he had never been to before. He decided to stop and visit so he parked his car and walked around. Finding a Cafe he ambled inside and began chatting with strangers sitting at the counter who were sipping coffee and eating pie.

After eating a small meal he decided to walk around the town’s neighborhood and spotted a home for sale with a hand painted sign that said ‘For Sale’. He approached the home, knocked on the door and a sweet looking couple appeared. The salesman asked, “I see you’re selling your home yourself. I’d like to ask you a question or two.” The couple gazed at him for a moment then invited him in. They led the stranger to the living room and pointed to a rocking chair.

“I get around a lot,” said the travelling salesman. “I’m sure I can help you sell your home since I visit several cities each day.”

“How is that going to work,” asked the woman of the house.

“Well, it’s rather simple. I’ll draft an agreement that will say in the event I bring you a buyer for your asking price then you will owe me a commission, say around $150. You can pay this the day you receive your cash from the buyer. And, wherever I travel I’ll advertise your home for sale at no cost to you.  It’s a win-win for both of us. ”

The couple looked at each other and said, “OK.”

That very day the concept of a third party selling a home on behalf of the owner was born, for a commission fee, of course.