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Life is Great in a MH Community!

I live in a 55+ mobile home community in lovely Bay Lake Estates, Nokomis, FL (see photos below) and I absolutely love it here. I purchased my MH in early February 2017 and spent five full weeks in my MH before retiring and moving in on December 26, 2017; one week in February right after the closing (the exchange of cash for the title) , one week in April (Easter week), one week in the middle of May (my son and his family couldn’t wait to visit and go to Disney World), one week in the middle of July (just to see how hot it gets) and one week in November (just to see how nice November weather is in Florida).

My thinking was to see if I liked living in a MH community. I was secure with the thought that if I did not like it for any reason I would simply put it up for sale and figure out where else I’d rather live. After all, this was going to be my retirement home.

I love the fact that there are other homes close-by; neighbors watching over neighbors. Some folks think the lot rent is high. But, when you compare renting an apartment you will never own, or paying monthly to a condo HOA (which is very high is some places), my lot rent is more than reasonable and it includes basic cable, water & sewer, trash removal, pool and grounds upkeep, etc.

I use the air conditioned exercise facilities when it is hot outdoors and everyone here loves the pool. The pool is a cool place to  meet people and talk about where to eat, which restaurant is best for seafood or prime rib. My location is such that several of the top restaurants are less than a mile from Bay Lake Estates.

Our community building is huge with a well stocked library of books and films. Pretty much most every evening something is going on in our clubhouse, whether it be a pot luck dinner along with Karaoke, Thanksgiving dinner, a Valentine’s dinner and dance, Bingo, card games, etc., etc.

Budget wise, purchasing a MH saves a wheelbarrel full of cash. Many of the folks I meet have two homes, one here at Bay Lake Estates and one up north, wherever that may be. They find that owning a MH and a second home elsewhere is totally affordable. Many people prefer a MH simply because they can use their cash savings for travelling or for that rainy day expense.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Mobile/Manufactured Home

                              Asset Retention
                              Friendly, Socially Active Communities
                              Easy Living
                              Home Ownership for less than Rent
                              Safer Living Environment
                              Secure Your Future


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