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Our Zero Commission Performance Guarantee

Planning to sell your Mobile/Manufactured Home soon? You should call Blufin for the many reasons previously mentioned on additional pages. Especially because we have 33 years of real estate Brokerage experience in Michigan and Georgia, with a total of 43 years of hands-on real estate experience.  More importantly Blufin is offering our clients a zero percent commission guarantee. Please read on.

If we fail to perform any of the following actions, as indicated below,
there will be ZERO commission due:

1) We guarantee to accurately measure your home and display this important information to the viewing public, both on the INTERNET and in your personalized flier.

2) We guarantee to take plenty of photos of the exterior and interior and display these on MH Village.com, etc., and include several photos in your personalized flier.

3) We guarantee to provide a quality looking For Sale sign the very day your home is listed and place this in your flower bed or window as per your community rules and regulations.

4) We guarantee that we will create an 8.5” x 11” flier with your home’s information which includes several photos (so folks don’t forget which home they liked the best).

5) We guarantee to place a quality, waterproof, Brochure Box either attached to your railing or on your front window so folks who drive by and desire your home’s information can help themselves to your personalized flier.

6) We guarantee to upload your home’s accurate information along with photos to MH Village.com, MH Bay.com, and Facebook Marketplace no more than two days following the actual listing date.

7) We guarantee to represent you, and only you. This fiduciary responsibility is NOT a law in the State of Florida for a MH Sales Broker to adhere to. We do this of our own volition.

8) When an offer to purchase/sales contract is accepted by you, the seller, we guarantee to expedite your buyer’s application for residency approval in your specific community.

9) Once the application is approved we guarantee we will contact your buyer and arrange for their funds to be wired immediately to our bank and proceed to close the transaction.

10)  We guarantee you will have your proceeds the same day those funds become available to us, as per our bank, whether you are out of state or somewhere local.

11) We guarantee that we will communicate to you any and all activity on your home on a bi-weekly basis and keep you informed as to any buyer interest, including critical feedback.

12)  We guarantee we will correctly process the title transfer with the DMV on your behalf.


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